L’aerografite è un materiale di colore nero a base di carbonio, realizzato da ricercatori delle università di Amburgo e di Kiel, che presenta caratteristiche . Aerographite is a synthetic foam consisting of a porous interconnected network of tubular carbon. L’Aerographite associa alla leggerezza una incredibile resistenza, sia a compressione che a trazione; in particolare, è possibile comprimerlo .

Si chiama Aerographite, ha l’aspetto di una “spugna nera”, pesa 0. Si chiama “aerographite”, ed è stato messo a punto da ricercatori delle università tedesche di Amburgo e di Kiel, che così hanno battoto il . Una nuova strategia potrebbe tessere le tele dei nanotubi di carbonio per sviluppare una tecnologia leggera e forte che prende il nome di Aerographite. Read ‘Aerographite’ on Materials Today – the gateway for carbon comment.

Aerographite, as you can see from the picture above, is a mesh of carbon tubes, each around 15nm in diameter, interwoven at the micro- and . Air is times denser than aerographite but looking at pictures or videos presenting the material, I see it resting on tables rather than raising to . Aerographite: Ultra Lightweight, Flexible Nanowall,. Carbon Microtube Material with Outstanding Mechanical. An ultra lightweight carbon microtube material called Aerographite is synthesized by a novel single-step chemical . We propose an interdisciplinary project with the objective to explore the feasibility of aerographite as scaffold material for tissue engineering in regenerative . In this paper, we demonstrate the growth of Aerographite-GaN 3D hybrid networks using ultralight and extremely porous carbon based . Increasing atmospheric COgas pollution and emergence of new types of green energy sources require continuous environmental monitoring. Now we are excited to meet aerographite, a sponge grown of carbon nanotubes that’s the least dense solid ever: a cubic centimeter of it weighs .

Also always popular are virtual contests to see who can create the smallest thing, or the largest, on in the case of aerographite, the lightest. Scientists of Kiel University (KU) and Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) have named their joint creation “Aerographite”. Editor’s Note: This recipe is in beta as we have not yet tested it. Experimental details are adapted from Mecklenburg, et al. By combining the properties of carbon in the aerographite and the properties of GaN crystallites, we were able to synthesize a novel hybrid 3D . June 201 team of researchers at the University of Kiel and the Technical University of Hamburg in Germany.

Aerographite (AG) is a carbon aerogel consisting of three-dimensionally (3D) interconnected graphitic microtubes. Qualche tempo fa abbiamo parlato dell’umidità di risalita (leggi l’articolo qui). Oggi approfondiamo l’argomento parlando di intonaci deumidificanti. MATeRiAl concePT And PRoPeRTies Aerographite is black, absorbs light radiation almost completely, and is electrically conductive.

Ricercatori tedeschi delle università di Kiel e di Amburgo hanno battuto un record: hanno inventato il materiale più leggero del mondo. Aerographite is now officially the world’s lightest solid material, beating out metallic microlattice and aerogel. Three-dimensional Aerographite-GaN hybrid networks: single step fabrication of porous and mechanically flexible materials for multifunctional . Aerographite (AG) is a carbon aerogel consisting of three dimensionally (3D) interconnected graphitic microtubes.

This study characterizes the electrical and . Aerographite also absorbs a very high proportion of light rays, resulting in an extremely black appearance.