Diospyros celebica

L’ebano macassar (Diospyros celebica Bakh., 1933) è un albero della famiglia delle Ebenacee. Descrizione; Distribuzione e habitat; Usi . Common Name(s): Macassar Ebony, Striped Ebony.

Major Threat(s):, It has been heavily exploited for its fine streaked ebony timber which is used for carving, inlay, furniture and musical instruments. Ebony Wood (Diospyros celebica Back) or Better Known As The Black Is One Specific wood type of wood (native) of Sulawesi, Including luxury . Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group. Tree growing at Manado, North Sulawesi Photograph by: Stevanopuasa Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.

Learn more about the Indonesian ebony – with amazing Indonesian ebony photos and facts on ARKive. Diospyros celebica best materials for interior products. English : Makassar Ebony; español : ébano Coromandel, ébano Makassar; Bahasa Indonesia : Kayu hitam sulawesi; italiano : ebano macassar.

DIST: native: Malesia Diospyros clavigera . Diospyros celebica in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. From media Commons, the free media repository. Diospyros 84 846–84 85 85 93 911109 109 11109 1110Diospyros austro-africana 11Diospyros celebica Diospyros . Description: The heartwood is black with reddish or brown streaks, which can sometimes be grey-brown, pale brown or .

Santalum album and Diospyros celebica are imported into Bali from east Nusa Tenggara and Sulawesi. It is believed that they were originally brought to Bali by . Artocarpus rigidus, Praserianthes falcataria, Toona sureni, Diospyros celebica, Michelia champaca Ciawi Village Local species: Paraserianthes falcataria . The success of forest establishment in large scales depend not only on the success of planting, tending and trees protection, but also on continuing availability of . Macassar Ebony (Diospyros celebica Bakh) By A. Diospyros celebica, llamado popularmente ébano coromandel o ébano Makassar, es un árbol del género Diospyros, uno de los vulgarmente conocidos como . Cutting: square edged boards 70mm and wider 800mm and longer.