Thermochromic glass

The thermochromic glass simply uses heat from direct sunlight to tint the windows when necessary. The more direct and intense the sunlight is . Suntuitive Dynamic Glass is a self-tinting glass technology that darkens gradually and dynamically when heated by direct sunlight.

RavenWindow offers the latest in dynamic glass smart window technology, with our patented thermochromic automatic tinting windows! TLG) enables to regulate daylight automatically . The window is called Suntuitive- sunlight-responsive thermochromic (SRT). The interlayer is made of the most common safety glass lamination polymer, .

THERMOCHROMIC AND THERMOTROPIC SMART MATERIALS. THERMOCHROMIC PIGMENTS THERMOCHROMIC GLASS . Progress in the development of energy-efficient coatings on glass has led to the study of smart glass with special functional coatings that can . In any structure, traditional windows are the largest consumer of energy. Traditionally, builders, architects and homeowners have relied on reflective glass and .